Process control

Main goal of Process Control is material tracking, measured values acquisition and processing, rolling control models and setup values distribution. Our Process Control solutions are based on our own platform PPF (PIKE Process Framework).

In Process Control achieved our employees wide-range experience. According to the customer needs, PIKE can implement complete Level 2 systems, mathematical models or encapsulate the models supplied by the technology supplier (or even by the customer), customize rolling models and implement HMI for Level
2 systems.

We have expert knowledge (dozen of projects) in the implementation of the following Level 2 functions: Material Tracking, Measured Values Acquisition and Processing, HMI, Communication to other systems (based on TCP/IP, ISO OSI, SQLNet, BEA MessageQ and others).

We offer a complex know-how in the following function units:


  • Application Framework
  • Communication to L1, L2, L3, Roll Shop Management etc.
  • Primary Data Handling
  • Event Handler
  • Material Tracking
  • Measured Values Processing
  • Reports (coil report, shift report, line stop report etc.)
  • Setpoint Handling
  • Mathematical Models


  • Arc Electrical Furnace Control
  • Laddle Furnace Control
  • Degassers Control
  • Vacuum Oxygen Decarburisation Units Control


  • Thermal Transfer and Solidification Model
  • Cutting Plan Optimization
  • Casting Speed Control
  • Break Out Warning and Prevention

Rolling Mills

  • Rolling Models
  • Temperature Control during rolling
  • Temperature Control at cooling section
  • Profile and Flatness Model
  • Shape Control (Plan View Optimizer)
  • Roll Change Handling
  • Mill Pacing

Thanks to our long year experience in developing and exploiting various mathematical and physical models, PIKE is prepared to meet any expectations with creating new tailored control programs for any branch of industry the customer will ask for. We use the latest advanced technologies of the world market leaders, like Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, HP, IBM, DELL etc.

Plant Management

Production management

  • Sure identification of material
  • Basis for exact information and optimization
  • Full stockyard image
  • Less material movement
  • Decreasing use of production resources
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • Increasing total productivity
  • Increasing throughput
  • Reducing material on stocks
  • Minimizing non-allocated material

Quality Management

  • Preventing further production for not qualified steps
  • Increasing process know-how
  • Improvement of total production quality
  • Matching with Environmental Requirements

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