Our company has long-time experience with the development, testing and commissioning of extensive projects in the field of process Automation all around the world. there have been developed projects in metallrgy, food, material handling and other branches of industry.

Generally, we have the ability to integrate various applications also we able to solve the special cases. We offer complex solutions from the Basic Automation to the top management and planning systems, integrated production quality systems, real-time systems running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with permanent remove support. PIKE is proud to present the Process Automation reference list to prove its rich history of ultimate competences.

Our company is indenpendent solution vendor. This ensures that our clients get the most technically suitable, flexible and cost-effective system for the project.

Process Automation has three main levels:

  • Level 1 – Basic Automation: Basic Automation represents main production control and plays key role for smooth plant operations. In this level PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) like ABB, Allan Bradley, General Electric, Mitsubishi and Siemens are used. Other requirements in this area include standardized platforms, open communications, easy expansion and reliable diagnostics.
  • Level 2 – Process control: The main task of the Process Control is to achieve high quality of products and performance improvement. All relevant information about production are stored and evaluated. Process Control generally includes Mathematical models with process adaptation and optimization.
  • Level 3 – Production Management: Production Management systems control product flow through technology and assist to plant management and to sales department, providing important information on a single product as well as on the whole production

Basic Automation

We develop control programs for the PLCs on the basis of the specifications and analysis. We have also the experience with the commissioning of the programs developed by other parties. Vital part of the control systems is also visualization. Our specialists are able to implement the visualization sub- systems using the standard systems (depending on the customer request.

We have been implementing following solutions:

Basic systems

  • Measuring & Weighing systems
  • Cooling Water System
  • Open & Close Machine Cooling System
  • Media Control System
  • Grease Lubrication Control
  • Material Tracking System
  • Low & High Pressure Hydraulic Control

Technological control for casters

  • MLC - Mold Level Control
  • HMO - Hydraulic Mould Oscillation

Technological control for rolling Mills

  • Cold & Hot Plate Leveller Technological Control
  • AGC – Automatic Gauge Control
  • HGC – Hydraulic Gauge Control
  • Backup Roll Eccentricity Compensation
  • Dynamic Profile Control
  • Flatness Monitor
  • Bending, Shifting and Tilting Control
  • CVC Rolls Handling
  • Tension & Tensionless Control
  • Looper Control

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