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The largest share of specific know-how falls to the field of public transport substations.

The substation design activities are focused on applications of OHL ZS technology which development and construction we have participated in. with respect to converter OHL ZS Series technology we also supply some instruments (own manufacturing) and control system modules including software.

We are able to supply also supervisory control for local control of substations and provide links to various software remote substations systems. While implementing substations we operate as OHL ZS subcontractors, regarding warranty service management systems and substations we operate as direct suppliers for transport companies.

With respect to using of public transport substations we produce the special devices as following:


  • RKTU - Electronic monitoring relay for power traction (trolley) sections
  • RKK - Electronic relay for control cables
  • RE 750 - Electronic relay for voltage traction control

We also supply custom device for continuous monitoring AC voltage presence in high voltage systems without using voltage transformers - capacity optical indicator.


We maintain personal contacts with leading operations / centers of substations in transport companies in Brno, Prague, Pilsen and Olomouc, where several complete OHL ZS substation installations are located. . Regarding substation project activities we are usually direct suppliers of transport companies or subcontractors of building designers or GP of major transport projects. To a lesser extent we have previously worked with public transport companies in Ostrava and Hradec Králové - both public transport companies are now being focused on another technology substations. In case of public transport Brno we have concluded an agreement for service and supply of spare parts, however we only have closer relationships to lower management - leading centers of converter stations and cable networks (belonging to the Department of Infrastructure and Investments and the Technical Director - change of structure since January 1, 2013).

To OHL ZS we had above all a very good relationship with the current Director M&PC Mr Pavel Kovařík (currently on leave due to changes in the org. structure), the new director of the Technology Division, Mr Roman Dostálek - due to long-term cooperation we can expect good relations with him.

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Karasek 2245/1f
621 00 Brno
Czech Republic

T: +420 545 240 194

F: +420 545 215 219


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