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With respect to wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations we provide electrical projects directly to municipalities or technology developers. . A key partner is a company VaK Vsetin, where we realized wastewater dispatching including transmission of data from connected objects in the past. This has been followed up by current orders in this area, mostly involving connection of local pumping stations to dispatching VaK Vsetin (tens of objects) and software modifications on control rooms. These are mostly small objects, where we provide complete electrical installations including instrumentation, control (PLC) and data transmission.

Regarding control technology the company has a valid patent no. 298936 "controlled aeration method in biological wastewater treatment", which was applied in only a few actual implementation of control of the WWTP.



Due to long-term cooperation we have very good relationships in VaK especially with the current production technology deputy, Mr Milan Jurenka and leaders of large wastewater treatment plants.

With respect to technology suppliers we mostly cooperate with the company KUNST Hranice, however we usually take part in tenders for electrical installations issued by the selected general contractor of the construction.

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